Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Cursed Bathroom

Here is a picture of our bathroom.  While this looks like a typical, normal bathroom/shower, don't be fooled.  It is not.  I promise you that our bathroom is cursed.  I have the following experiences as evidence to this claim:

1. Just this last December, SB and I were struggling with the glass doors of our shower.  They were always coming off track and therefore wouldn't shut all the way or they would be wobbly the whole time.  Despite the daily fight with these doors, we managed to shut them and open them most of the time.  Well, one particular time, I shut the door and when I tried to open it, it wouldn't move.  The track had jammed into the other one and I was locked in!  I knew my only options were to break the glass or go over the top... naked.  And risk breaking a body part.  Dang shower doors.  I got out through strategic maneuverability about 10 minutes later.

2. Back in January, all my roommates were off to mold the minds of young children when I got up to shower.  A few minutes into the shower, our fire alarm went off.  (Mind you, SB and I had recently had a fire in our bedroom and so I was particularly sensitive to this sound).  Without even turning the water off, I grab the first towel I see, throw it around me and sprint out of the bathroom, through the bedroom, and down the stairs.  Standing in our living room, dripping wet and freezing cold, I realized the fire alarm was not going off and there was no sign of a fire. Going back upstairs, I realize our shower head decided it would be cool to make this really high-pitched, horrible screaming noise that could alarm any dog or baby within a 2 mile radius.  

3. A few weeks later, I took an evening shower and after I was done in the bathroom, I went to open the door.  Somehow, the door had locked (and we have NEVER locked it before) and it wouldn't even budge.  I was locked in my bathroom... I mean, seriously.  Who gets locked in the bathroom? Luckily I have powerful lungs and roommates that are home in the evenings, and they rushed to help open the door.  After a few minutes of all three of us struggling with the stubborn door, it finally opened.  I thought I was going to have to break the dang door down.

4. This morning.  Same deal.  Shower, dry off, open the bathroom door.  Only the bathroom door wouldn't open.  What the heck?!?!?  I tried breaking the dang lock for a few minutes and then started to panick realizing that I was home alone, rushing to get ready for class, and had no compuer, cell phone, or any type of communication technology to call for help.  I was literally locked in our bathroom for a good solid 8 minutes at least.  

Our bathroom is cursed.  Looking at the positive side, at least the situations weren't combined: the fire alarm going off AND me being locked in the bathroom by myself.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Really quite simple

Oh the joys of making the bed when you sleep on the top bunk. You stand on the skinny side rails. Stretch as far as you can to put the corners on. Hit your head and back a few times during the process. Balance so that you don't fall off. It's really quite simple to do.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rex E. Lee Memorial Run at BYU

Yesterday, Angie, Britt, and I walked/ran our first 5K. (A 5K is approximately 3.1 miles.) We had a lot of fun! We walked the uphill and flat stretches and ran the downhill ones. Our time when we crossed the finished line was 38 minutes. Pretty good for only running about 1 mile of the course. We are very pleased with ourselves.
I received an email about the run a couple weeks ago. The thought of participating in this event made me kind of excited. I decided that I never donate anything to charity, so this was the time I was going to make my contribution. I thoroughly enjoyed every second I spent thinking about, preparing for, and participating in this event.

When in doubt...

Maybe a Canadian knows a thing or two about having fun in the snow compared to an Arizonan. Angie and I really wanted to go sledding a couple weeks ago. We weren't able to get our hands on any sleds or tubes, so Angie suggested using a cookie sheet. At first, I thought she really had lost her marbles. But then we went to try it out, and the cookie sheet really did work. In fact, it was awesome!! The sheet was so fast. Moral of the story: When in doubt, use a cookie sheet.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Announcement: SB is now an official candidate for the High School Musical 3 Auditions next week.  

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Does he remind you of someone?

Ashlee Hoppes suggested that I teach my students how to slow clap and to "yes-aah" kick. I have not taught them how to slow clap (I'm hoping that Bradley James Packer will come teach them that), but I have taught them how to "yes-aah" kick. Jaxon is my best kicker. I had to record him doing it today. Watch the video. Then look at the picture. Does he remind you of someone you know?

Do you think he's Tyson Fujikawa's son? Or Kendall Burdett's?
Here's a picture of my cute class on Dr. Seuss day. (FYI: I took the video of Jaxon after school. So, no precious learning time was taken.)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Prevention of serious or fatal injuries and entrapment or falls

Just call us Evil Knievel. Those are the warnings of sleeping on a bunk bed. Each night we put ourselves at risk for entrapment and fatal injuries. As dangerous as they are, we feel they have brought our friendship closer. In fact, they inspired this blog. Since they are such a vital part of our lives, we thought we would share the pros and cons of having them.

-lose under-bed storage
-hit your head...all the time on the bottom
-must sit slumped on the bottom
-roasting hot on the top
-bat cave on the bottom
-bedding doesn't fit
-impossible to make beds
-potential death/serious death
-very squeaky
-bad for pt
-aesthetically unpleasing

-great for building forts
-save floor space
-lots of laughter...PRICELESS