Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Terrific Turkey Break!

What a fun Thanksgiving Break!  It was crazy.  There was ZERO relaxation.  A lot of minutes were spent baking and cooking away in the kitchen, but I didn't mind that.  I love my family!
{These pictures are all out of sorts, but I don't feel like rearranging them.}

Jumping on the trampoline.  Heather was the coolest because she taught them tricks.

Rhece is darling.  {Don't mind my annoying voice.}  Right before I started filming, he'd say, "I'm not Baby Bieber.  I'm Rhece."  It was too cute.

Thank you, dear SWA pilot, for getting us home 20 minutes early.  When does that happen?  Never.

Watched the Michigan vs. Ohio State game.  Go Blue!!  Jennie and Rhece were all tuckered out.

T-ball and soccer games.  I think only two kids were really playing.

An Arizona birthday.  For the last two years, Parker has said that all he wants is an Arizona birthday.  And...he finally got one!  {Although, his birthday isn't for another few days.  We celebrated early.} The local grocery store makes small birthday cakes for free.

Our Thanksgiving Day feast.  It was a mad house. 

I am one very blessed girl!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is it already Thanksgiving??

Life is flying by.  I head home for the Thanksgiving break in a couple of days.  I love the holidays.

Moss's bday.
 His 12-layer cake made by Megan.  (There she is in the background.)
 Scott, smile!

 Received pumpkin bread from the hometeacher.
 Glitter-ized the nails as I was skype-ing with the parents.

 Celebrated Benita's bday.  Miss her.  Terribly.

 Found this treasure in my school mailbox one morning.  Who wants the 8x10?
 Woke up Saturday morning and was a bit confused by the newly fallen snow as to which holiday I was supposed to celebrate.  Thanksgiving?  Christmas?
 Megan decorated our place as I baked goodies.  Typical Saturday afternoon.
 For some reason, Whitney never wants to smile/be in my pictures.
 Another number was incorrect in my phone.
Oven fire.  It was raging, but we had everything under control.  We even had time to snap a couple photos.
 Group crossword puzzles.  We may have even timed how quickly we could finish one.  We're nerds.
 Sir Regan, Knight of Highland Park.
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

phone update

Whoops, wrong number saved.
 3-day-old bangs do anything.
 Cat Paint.

 I faced my childhood fear and watched this movie.  Still scary at parts.
 Megan caught me.
 At a red light.  Just ask Scott.
 Snow that stuck.
 Power was out for the first 3 hours of school.  This was BIGGER than Halloween.
 Took the back road home.
 The local pumpkin patch filled up my trunk with plenty o' pumpkins for my class and me.
 Fall colors.  I didn't even stop at the mall.  I was driving by and noticed the colors, so I went back and snapped a shot.
 Lasagna cups.  Danielle and I have a pact where you have to make what you pin.  So, I did.  They turned out well and were delicious!
Mocktail party.
 Patrick and I found these in the closet of the Sunday School room.  We later watched Sound of Music.
 It's a little chilly outside and inside, y'all.
 Benita came for a visit.
 If you haven't caught on, I kind of like fall colors.