Thursday, November 10, 2011

phone update

Whoops, wrong number saved.
 3-day-old bangs do anything.
 Cat Paint.

 I faced my childhood fear and watched this movie.  Still scary at parts.
 Megan caught me.
 At a red light.  Just ask Scott.
 Snow that stuck.
 Power was out for the first 3 hours of school.  This was BIGGER than Halloween.
 Took the back road home.
 The local pumpkin patch filled up my trunk with plenty o' pumpkins for my class and me.
 Fall colors.  I didn't even stop at the mall.  I was driving by and noticed the colors, so I went back and snapped a shot.
 Lasagna cups.  Danielle and I have a pact where you have to make what you pin.  So, I did.  They turned out well and were delicious!
Mocktail party.
 Patrick and I found these in the closet of the Sunday School room.  We later watched Sound of Music.
 It's a little chilly outside and inside, y'all.
 Benita came for a visit.
 If you haven't caught on, I kind of like fall colors.


Muncher Cruncher said...

Our life is pretty good, huh?

Jennifer said...

hahaha! do you need my mama's number???? hahaha!