Friday, February 17, 2012


One perk of being up early is seeing the sunrise.  Some mornings it's beautiful.
 Go Cougars!  I love when they score 80+ points; that means 5 free ounces at Yogurtland.
 Super Bowl predictions.  20 Giants, 8 Patriots.  They were happy Monday morning.

 Where can I find a pair of these??
This was my setup all last week.  Each night at 11:00 I pulled out my quilt to hand stitch the binding and turned on Downton Abbey.  Season 1 round 2 was just as awesome as the first.  It was a big quilt.
The only worthwhile thing that came from my district music training was a set of bells.  {Little did my teacher know that I've been trained since I was 8.  Child prodigy.}  You never know when you may need some bells, haha.
 Didn't know this shot was being taken.  We saw The Vow.  We even managed to convince a few guys to come along.  I liked it; although, I wish there was more at the end.  It ended too quickly.
 Finished this little quilt and sent it off to Brittney in O-HI-O.
{I realize after talking about 2 quilts in this post that I sound like a total grandma.  Oh well.}
 She even sent me a picture of cute Lucy on it.
 Yay for Megan!
 Post-Valentine's Day party.  The munchkins had a fun time.  The room moms did a great job of planning it.  The room was trashed, but the students did an excellent job of picking up every.last.piece.of.garbage.
 I found this little valentine on my car.
 My weight management tip is to be sick the week of Valentine's Day.  I've eaten just about nothing this week.  I'm ready to delve into this treat.
 Tyler is the sweetest.
 And these "Hey Girl" quotes are making me laugh.  {Although, I'd love them even more if they were of Ryan Reynolds.}

I'll laminate all day long for you, Ryan.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valenbirthaversary!

Valentines for the kiddos: picture, pencil, eraser, and a stick of gum.

Every year I always want to be a teacher in Arizona on Valentine's Day.  The reason: Arizona's birthday is also on February 14th.  Valentine's Day AND a birthday--so fun!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Miss Benita is getting married in a few short weeks!  Scott is one lucky guy.  Maybe that's why they're getting married on St. Patty's day.  Plane tickets to San Diego are purchased!!
{Random side note: Megan, Benita, and I have the shirt that Benita is wearing.  I was going to wear mine, but then I saw Megan put hers on.  She didn't end up wearing hers.  So glad Benita wore hers!  Great minds think and dress alike!!}

And don't you just love Beyonce in this song??  It's so catchy and cute.  I wish I could dance like her.  My next life. ;)