Wednesday, August 31, 2011

little guys

I took these photos when I was in Jerusalem. They make me smile. The little Jewish man on the motorbike is awesome. Don't you want to smile and wave back?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Life

Summer theme song.
The kids.
Summer sky.
Great books.
Must stops in Arizona.
A "Good Morning" Rainbow.
Reasons to buy flowers from the Flower Patch.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Del Mar

My mom, Rebekah, Heather, and I drove over to Del Mar for a few days. It was perfect. I love the beach.

Honestly the best carne asada burrito. You must go.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

room 73

Because I know so many of you are DYING to see where I spend my days, here's my classroom. It looks so empty without the anchor charts and student work.

I like my college corner. I got the idea from Pinterest. Megan and Danielle helped me execute it in a creative and cute way.
First day is tomorrow. Ahh!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Megan's camera

Before I left for AZ, I finally got photos off of Megan's camera. Oh man. I had such a great time looking through these documented memories.

3 Amigos.
I love Moss's face in the back and Benita's darling laugh face.
The soap popping out of Ryan Spencer's hands is classic, and you can tell Moss is really relishing the moment.
Two best faces: Ryan Spencer's and Benita's (look in the mirror). They capture the moment.

Megan and Benita LOVE floating in the pool. The store pumped up their rafts free of charge. The only problem is there was no room for them.

Kev-dawg was ready for the rain.
Leslie and Lance were killing us.
I love all the laughter going on!
Yay for fireworks and summertime!
I can hardly wait to see what treasures are on Benita's camera.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My life by the ShakeIt and Instagram apps--
I was able to slip on to an earlier flight home to Arizona. Even though I was the last one on the plane, I still got my own row.
Nieces and nephews.
Watching old classics.
I know this was irreverent of me to snap this during church, but his rat tail was distracting me.
One night Rebekah and I are going to do karaoke at the Lion's Den. It's the happening place in town.
Love the porch. I got internet for approximately 5 minutes. Thanks, "wireless."
My spread during the Bachelorette finale. Glad we're done with Ashley. Best of luck to her and JP. I hope Ben is the next Bachelor.
View from the back porch. You can tell that my dad had a say as to where the cabin should be.

Mystery. I put my shirt on and found these holes. I wore this shirt the day before, and it didn't have any holes. Hmmm...
White Mountains.
Can you believe it's August? Where has 2011 gone? I'd like to rewind and replay July. That was a good month.