Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is it already Thanksgiving??

Life is flying by.  I head home for the Thanksgiving break in a couple of days.  I love the holidays.

Moss's bday.
 His 12-layer cake made by Megan.  (There she is in the background.)
 Scott, smile!

 Received pumpkin bread from the hometeacher.
 Glitter-ized the nails as I was skype-ing with the parents.

 Celebrated Benita's bday.  Miss her.  Terribly.

 Found this treasure in my school mailbox one morning.  Who wants the 8x10?
 Woke up Saturday morning and was a bit confused by the newly fallen snow as to which holiday I was supposed to celebrate.  Thanksgiving?  Christmas?
 Megan decorated our place as I baked goodies.  Typical Saturday afternoon.
 For some reason, Whitney never wants to smile/be in my pictures.
 Another number was incorrect in my phone.
Oven fire.  It was raging, but we had everything under control.  We even had time to snap a couple photos.
 Group crossword puzzles.  We may have even timed how quickly we could finish one.  We're nerds.
 Sir Regan, Knight of Highland Park.
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week!!


Muncher Cruncher said...

Your posts make me so happy because they remind me how great our lives are :)

The Carlsens said...

Is that Regan Bushman???