Saturday, May 10, 2008



Soooo... I made it! To Ghana! But barely...

I got to the airport and apparently my reservation for the flight was cancelled back in March. What the heck. Luckily, there were about 2 spots left on the flight. whew. And I'm gonna talk to Delta because they seriously need to get some new movies on those long flights. Good news though, the 12 hour flight was condensed to 9 hours 30 minutes thank to the strong tail winds. And literally the very second I stepped off a plane, I got bit. But don't worry... malaria mosquitos are only out at night. It was like stepping into a really toasty hot blanket getting off. Oh man.

I was told Ghanaians are super nice and friendly and love everyone. Which, I hav found, is the case..... unless you take pictures (of even just yourself or group) without asking. Whoops. Or if their living is selling things to tourists and there are no tourists except for you and you don't want to buy their crap. But I must admit I am a DANG good bargainer... walking away with native prices (less than half of what they charge Americans). But don't worry... I was bargaining away my groups money not mine. They are just bad at it, so I did it for them. \

The kids here are SOOOO cute! They all just run up to you and grab you and want to play with you. But you have to be careful because they just pee in their pants cuz there aren't really toilets and then they will still run and hug you. Nasty.

Anyway, that is the VERY BASIC update, but I'm off to the Ghana temple now, so I hope you are all doing well!
~Love, Britt

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Tyson and Heather said...

Ghana!!!??? HOLY CRAP! Have fun but be safe!!!