Sunday, May 10, 2009

Video Camera

Why is the video function on the digital camera so much fun?? I was looking through some old videos and found a few that I wanted to share.

Dancing couple from the 3rd floor of Regency

We started watching these two lovers at the beginning of a fall semester. It all came about because they would be having their doorstep scene about the same time we would be having ours or getting home. At first they would dance and sway back and forth as they hugged, which was hilarious. They eventually moved on to bigger and better things. I'm sure they totally saw and heard us.

For $75...
Eric was offered $75 to go give a random girl a goodnight kiss. With a money incentive and some peer pressure, Eric consented to doing it. Although the video doesn't show it, he did ask a girl for a kiss. She said no! Eric offered to split the money with her. She still said no and told him to tell his friends to go read the scriptures. In the video, you can hear me, Eric, and our friends.

Identities Revealed

Megan, Robin, Britt, and I thought it'd be funny to make a video to give to the guys we wanted to prank. We were going to hide it somewhere for them to find after they cleaned the prank up. I know we did end up pranking the guys, but I don't think we ever gave them this.

There's something really fun about breaking things. There were huge icicles hanging from the cabin eaves. We decided we should knock them down so that they wouldn't hurt the roof or anything. Also, you have to find joy in the dreary winter.

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