Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sending them on

{First day of school, August 2009}

I'm sending on another group of kids to 4th grade. I'm really going to miss this class. They have been my saving grace this year. I hope their teachers next year love them as much as I did.

Some of my favorite quotes:
"Put your back into, C." -K
"Miss Johnson, you look very pretty today." -E
"My underwear is really comfortable today." -T
"Man, use some muscles, J. I'm doing all the work here." -K
Me: "I wanna be a billionaire." Class: "So freakin' bad."
"This is the best book ever." -M
"I'm saving up for college." -C
"That's ok. I can man-handle her." -K

{I love this picture because Jordyn (in front wearing white/pink) is whacking Keaton with her stick. Totally represents their relationship.}

Stop in and say hi next year!


Brittney said...

Not quite sure how I feel about some 3rd grader talking about man-handling, but whatever. Does it ever surprise you when they know the words to songs like that? Probably not. They are cute and I'm glad you got a good class this year! Now... on to Hilton Head! Have fun!

jenn + michael said...

I miss my class already too! Our classes this summer are going to be rough!