Sunday, September 12, 2010

Main Event: State Fair

At school on Friday, the third grade walked the 3 miles round trip to visit the traveling Vietnam Memorial at the Spanish Fork City Cemetery. The kids really liked seeing the half size replica. (I know they also liked the walk, haha.) One little girl had to seriously go to the bathroom; she was to the point of tears. Luckily, we were walking right by another student's house, so the two girls and I took a pit stop.
Then that evening, I went to the Utah State Fair with friends to see Boyz II Men. It took me back to my elementary/jr. high school days when I listened to Heather's cd. It was great. Plus, I'd never been to a state fair before. An experience for all.

Sorry, I got distracted by these heinous shoes...
Feel free to sing along.

Now to Sunday...
Rebekah and I wore the same outfit to Regional Conference. Isn't that cute. She wasn't too embarrassed and still let me sit by her. It's fun having sisters around.
Conference was wonderful. Elder Holland was my favorite speaker. He shared some outstanding pioneer stories and encouraged us to have that same pioneer faith.

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Rachel said...

Your class looks cute, and that is so fun that you wore the same thing! I've done that so many times with my sisters.