Saturday, March 5, 2011

Joshua Radin

Ladies and I went to the Joshua Radin concert.
We had dinner at Rio Grande. Yum.
Mr. Joshua was so cute and good. Love him.

We were parched after the show. Nothing hits the spot like 32 oz of Sprite.


Brittney said...

You all look so pretty!

{marie} said...

OK...Was this at "The Venue"... and if so...Did the place kinda scare ya?
I went there last week to a concert and I swear we could of been SHANKED walking to our car after...
BUT..Joshua is totally worth it :)
LOVE him!

bunkbuddies said...


marie-yes, it's a very sketchy part of town. we parked by the men's shelter. i read about your experience last week. talk about series of unfortunate events. but, like you said, joshua is totally worth it!

Ally Cat said...

You just had to put up that nast pic of me didnt you.