Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday Fotos

Some pictures from my phone of things I've liked the past couple of weeks.
Went to a quilt shop.
Cafe Rio in Spanish Fork is almost completed. But not soon enough.
The stall was out of toilet paper, and some girls noticed. They helped out future users, like me. Very clever and thoughtful.
The view from the St. George house.
Found these in a small candy shop. A treat from my youth.
My car hit 20,000 miles. Take note of the perfect temperature.
Baked away last Sunday. Apple crumb muffins.
Caramel cinnamon rolls.
Rode bikes to lunch. Pit stop to pump up the tire.
Lovely day.
Buttercream gang.
School's wrapping up. 2 weeks. Bittersweet, as always.

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