Saturday, November 17, 2012

life lately...according to the iphone

(and friends' too)

 a good cat paint photo gets me every time.

 katie came into town from d.c.  so glad she lives her permanently now.

 fall colors.

 staying busy in 6th grade.

 my friends LOVE hiding this picture somewhere in my bedroom.  freaks me out every time.

 the 8x10 is still available.

 i love this kid and the rest of my class.  so funny.

 yay for katy perry's the dollar theatre.  so long summer activity.

 for some odd reason, this is how we were talking to each other.  scott is being a creeper in the background.

favorite sign on the way to the cabin.

 happy birthday to me.

lake powell.

conducting in a stake meeting.  megan is a little photo ninja.

 kisses from jimmy.

 roasted veggies for every meal.

 happy birthday to megolina!

 my student, boston, dressed up as me for halloween.

 miss annika's birthday.

 i wish this was the outcome.

 early snowstorm damage.

and why not take a dancing break?

 the wind was blowing at least 40 mph.  so cold.

 a little crocheting and foyle's war.  both favorites.

 finished the scarf.

 watched the spanish fork dons state championship football game at school.  shhhhh...don't tell the parents.

 bringing some christmas spirit into our lives.

 happy birthday to ani!
what great people in my life!


Rebekah said...

HEY!! That cat paint is not new...

Mlvlatina said...

Where did you go? You have such a cool blog! Hope all is well.