Sunday, July 6, 2008

EFY + Weather = Monday at the gym

As much as I love the gym, it gets a little repetitive doing the same things after a while.  Sometimes I have to do crazy things to spice it up... like switch to the level-2 cross-training program from my "manual course" or increase the resistance from a 1 to a 3 (out of 16).  But Monday I unintentionally found a new trick that could ultimately be the secret to my summer workout success: EFY music.  That's right, I said EFY music.  On Monday, like clockwork, I signed in, went to the 3rd row, jumped on elliptical #4, set the course for level-2 cross-training, increased the resistance to 3, and turned on my ipod.  My "workout mix" is what should have been blasting in my ears, but to my surprise "Bleeding Love" was replaced by "A More Excellent Way."  As guilty as I felt trying to switch the playlist as quickly as possible, I just didn't think EFY music could fulfill the purpose of a workout mix.  Unfortunately, my battery was so far red it shouldn't have even turned on.  Therefore, desiring some music instead of none, I kept Especially For Youth season 2005 soundtrack on for the next 35 minutes.  Much to my surprise, I ran longer, faster, and harder than ever!  Next time you need a boost of energy during your long, tedious workout, try EFY.  It does a workout good.

Second story.  I was watching the cubs play on t.v. in between reps (I sound so tough, but don't be fooled because those 5 pound weights never seem to get lighter... haha).  Anyway, it was getting a little windy and slightly overcast outside.  In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen was the usual weather update.  All it said was: "WEATHER: SKETCHY".......... seriously?  I couldn't tell.  I was thinking I should go lay out or something.  The rain outside was looking pretty promising.  Maybe they were trying to stay away from the technical weather jargon like "partly cloudy" or "chance of rain" and appeal more to the stereotypical ESPN-type crowd.  Either way, I found it to be hilarious.


Allyson said...

I have a confession. I secretly love the 2003 EFY: A Season for Courage soundtrack. I understand what you mean. Don't tell.
Ally Z

Whitney and Nathan Tanner said...

First of all, thank you for the EFY advice. I know what you mean about needing to mix it up, and I'll have to try that! Second, I love the word "sketchy", and that makes me happy that the news is using it. Third, I know how much you love the Cubs and keep track of their stats, so you don't need to hide it anymore...!