Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hilton Head Island, SC

Paradise? Heaven? Nirvana? I can't quite find the word to describe it. My family and I spent a week at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. And, I'll be honest, I didn't want to come home. Something about sitting on the beach and listening/watching the waves is so rejuvenating and relaxing. My days typically went like this: tennis, breakfast, beach, nap, dinner, bike ride, games/movie, bed. One day we did go up to Charleston. That city is so romantic, quaint, and beautiful. I LOVE the South!! And...I kind of love pictures. Enjoy!!

The plane ride over

The view from the back deck of the house

Riding to go meet Adam, Jennie, and the kids

Beka loves having an older sister like me

Quinn is adorable and hilarious

The Jeff and Diane Johnson family

The three youngest (and single) girls

The lovely parents who put on (and paid for) the awesome vacation

Apparently only Madelyn and Ava were listening when we said, "JUMP!"

We were listening!!

Parker, the merman

Loves: lime green shirts, popsicles, and RDC

Daily ride down to the beach

Nightly bike ride

The bike/golf cart path

Charleston, South Carolina

Someone told me that I laugh at death and other sad things. I guess this is proof.

My future home and backyard

Could I replace Hermes?

Middleton Plantation and Gardens

Entrance to the plantation from the Ashley River

Learning about the grounds

Your plantation friendly alligator

Concentrating on my short game

Going for a one-stroke putt

Saying bye to Graham and Madelyn

Buckling Parker in

Sweet Mere-Mere (or Meredith)


Alisa said...

Hi SB....It's Alisa Harrison....how are you?! These pictures are adorable and I'm jealous!!! My brother and sister in law are there right now!! Your family is so cute!

Kristen said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! I LOVE Charleston! Dan and I went there once one a mini-vacation.

Whitney and Nathan Tanner said...

So cute! It's beautiful there! And, I learned something about you: You Golf! I'm so proud to be your friend! Love you!

Rachel said...

so cute! I love those pictures, your trip looks fabulous. love ya!

Tara said...

umm, pa-scu me, this blog is adorable, SB! Who took those pics on the beach - wowza!!!