Sunday, June 22, 2008

NYC, Cleveland, and Chicago

I'll try and make this quick since there's been a lot of updating on this blog lately.  Here's the summary:
After I got back from Africa, I spent the next week traveling to NYC and Cleveland before my internship started the week after that in Chicago.  I've never been to NYC before, so of course I did all of the tourist stuff.  One of my favorite parts was renting a row boat in Central Park and paddling around while looking at the city.  We stopped in Cleveland and did some fun things like eat at Hot Dog Heaven... twice (which, by the way, those hot dogs and fries really are heaven), go to the imax theater on the lakefront, go visit the beach, and of course, go to a Cleveland Indian's baseball game... tis the season!  And now I am here in Chicago for the rest of the summer.  For those who don't know, I am an HR consultant intern with Hewitt Associates and I'm basically obsessed with the company and my job.  And I love Chicago (minus the idiot drivers and the construction everywhere! Whoever said Utah drivers are bad has never driven around Chicago).  Well, I've talked enough so here are a few pics:

Ryan and I at the Cleveland Indian's game:

My home for the summer:

The view from the beach at the end of my street:

The row-boat in Central park.  (Good thing Ryan rowed the entire time)

Me just chillin in the boat being lazy (p.s. this is right before I dropped my sunglasses in the toilet.  Don't worry, I didn't fish them out and use them again).

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