Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sweet Memory

I went to the BYU Men's Volleyball game the other night. They beat Long Beach State in 5 games (5th game's final score 15-13--too close, Cougs). I had almost forgotten how fun those boys are to watch. Then I remembered when I was a sweet little freshman and the Cougars won the NCAA Championships. I also remembered the beautiful Brazilian setter--Carlos Moreno. After the last home game before the tournament, I touched Carlos's arm and asked him to be in a picture with me. He said, "Oh, yes!" That experience is most definitely in my top 10 highlights at BYU. I'm now getting excited to attend the NCAA Men's Volleyball semifinals and finals in the Smith Fieldhouse in May with my family. I really hope the Cougs can make it and that Carlos will come back to cheer on his alma mater.

P.S. Happy first day of spring yesterday!


Jennifer said...

hello hello hello. he is hot hot hot. also i remember you telling me about this.

Ally Cat said...

Oh SB, always the flirt!

Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

I too remember the very athletic and very beautiful Carlos Moreno :) I may have even had a secret obsession with him:)