Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday, Katie dear!

Let me take you back to August 1999. I was starting my freshman year at Highland High School. My schedule went like this: dance, hnrs english, world civ, chorale, lab bio, lunch, hnrs math topics 3/4, and then seminary. I walked to seminary with a girl I met in my math class, Karissa. We sat down next to one of Karissa's friends. Karissa introduced me to her friend. I then said, "Hey, do you have choir 3rd hour?" Her friend replied, "Yeah, I do." That friend was Katherine Anne Bloomfield. From that moment on, she and I have been best friends. Our friendship solidified on November 19, 1999 when we were partners in crime--but that's another story. I found a few priceless pictures to share.

November 19th
Last day of senior year at HHS
BYU graduationKatie is a lovely person. Let me tell you why.
5. She looks great (cute clothes, beautiful smile, dorky hair, etc.).
4. She loves the world and its people (Africa, Europe, Ecuador, Russia, America, Mother Theresa).
3. She is very bright, educated, and driven (passed numerous AP tests, scored very well on the ACT, got into BYU, received a scholarship, graduated from the nursing program, passed the NCLEX in 75 questions).
2. She takes time for friends and family (hangs out with nephews, talks on the phone late at night when her patients are asleep, makes dinner for the fam even when she's not asked to, goes places with her siblings).
1. She has strong morals and a kind heart (too many examples to write).

Happy Birthday, Katie girl!
(Her birthday is really tomorrow, March 30th.)


Jennifer said...

Thank you Sara Beth! I'm so lucky to have you as a BFF!!!!!

Jennifer said...

p.s.... this is actually katie

Anonymous said...

and did she mention she is a BSRN! Love ya katie!