Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Constitution Day!

I'm proud to be an American because (from my students)...
"I dont hav to do work I can rid my scoter play whth my frind."
"We are free!! I like the flag. I like the coulers. I like the laws. I like the pledge."
"I get to choose my school and who my friends are. And I'm free. And I get to choose who to marry. And what collage I go to."
"We are free to do mostly anything and we are awsome."
"I am free and that I have laws, parents and there are nice people in Utah and in the country. And we have money and we have houses. And we have friends and we are free."
"I'm free to do anything I want to do, it's a free cuntry, but ther are consaqisis."

Now, I'll leave you with School House Rock.


Nicole Johansen said...

Dear SB,

I love reading all of your posts, but your teacher ones strike a special, particularly happy cord in my little heart. LOVED watching the School House Rock. Thanks.



Brittney said...

I LOVE when you put stuff up that your kids write! Hilarious. Remember when that one girl said s-*-*-t? Yeah, that was one of my favorite notes to you. I also love v-day when they talk about what love is. I hope you do that again this year.

Brad said...

Funny Brittney mentions Valentine's Day, because I was just re-reading that email chain a few days ago when the kids talk about what love is. You need to do that for every major holiday. Columbus Day and Halloween are around the corner!