Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Past few days...

School is going well. I have a class of 30. They're very cute and very chatty. I don't know what's different about this class, but I've felt an instant click with them. I enjoy being with them.
We moved into our new apartment. The wall color was a puke color, so we decided to paint it. This was the chosen color.It is the color of my dreams. We all worked hard and well together. Do you see why the color had to change pronto?
The final product. I think it turned out darling.
Oh yes, the 2nd annual Orange Party was held. Jennifer let me give her a white girl 'fro again. I love doing that hairstyle.

Our apartment won for best costumes. Thank you, Abby.

For our day off of laboring, several of us went up the Nebo Loop to Payson Lakes. Such a beautiful area. Lakes in the mountains are so picturesque. We had a nice picnic, walked around the lake, tried fishing, and played an intense game of bocce ball. It was a great day off!


Rachel said...

Oh, I LOVE your wall color, it looks so cute! I wish Bryan would let me paint everything that color :)

Anonymous said...

what a FUN weekend!!! thanks for making it happen!

Brad and Hailey said...

I LOVE the color you picked out for your wall! The room looks darling!