Monday, December 6, 2010

We are the...

CHAMPIONS, my friends!!
Shedder throwing out the audibles
The Champions
T-shirt ceremony--

"You just stepped in somethin' sticky!"

Putting on the shirt
Our AWESOME fans and sponsors
Sisters duo
Can you read the back?
Beat out 31 teams
This team wouldn't be possible without Mr. and Mrs. Steinbrenner's (or Christensen) sponsorship.

Wow, what a season! I am not going to miss all the aches, pains, and bruises from each game. I will miss Kate's weekly texts reminding us of the game. I'll leave you with yesterday's: "Dear Rat Finks, By some miracle we have made it to the championship! Holla!!!!! The big game is this Saturday at 10:15 am. I know, that's early for a Saturday, but hey, let's get out there and win the whole d*@! thang. Goooo Finks!!!" And WE DID!!


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Finks on two. 1,2, FINKS!!!

jenn + michael said...

You guys look good in champion shirts! Way to go!

john and bre said...

Way to go Rat Finks!