Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy February!

It's February! What a month full of various celebrations: Abraham Lincoln's bday, Valentine's Day, Arizona's bday, Presidents' Day, George Washington's bday.
I completed this cross-stich back in November of 2004 when I lived in Nauvoo. I'm glad that I finally framed it 6.5 years later.
The clouds were cool one afternoon as I drove home.
There has been an Arctic front here. I'm glad that it's leaving.
You need to read the following sentence like you can't say your R's.
That student talks about waffles ALL the time.
Oh man, you need to read 32 Third Graders and 1 Class Bunny. It's so funny. When I read it at night, I am literally laughing out loud. These have been some of my favorite stories.

I may or may not be guilty of question 4 answer today.
Hope your February has been great so far!


jenn + michael said...

Arizona's bday?! I didn't even know! Why don't I get school off? I also love those picks from that story. It's too true.

Rachel said...

I'm afraid I took away many recesses... I can't wait to read this book

{marie} said...

Your the best teacher ever!! I hope you know that...
And, I also hope you know that I have to make a certain little boy look like a "wax" figure president & then have my effort's be judged to see if I did it BEST?????..and I'm a tiny bit freaked by it...just sayin'

Natalie said...

That picture of the mountains on the drive home made me homesick for Canyon! And I love those book excerpts! Another good one is "Close Encounters of the 3rd Grade Kind".