Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Ol' US of A

Visited 28 states (56%)
[I didn't count states that I've been in their airports, namely Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama.]

I see there are some areas of the country that I need to visit. I think it'd be so pretty to visit New England in the autumn. And I think the plantations and horse ranches of the South are calling my name any time of the year. The early summer would probably be the best time to visit Mt. Rushmore, the "Land of 10,000," and the surrounding states. And who doesn't want to visit A-las-ka after seeing The Proposal? I'm not a beach snob and will let the sun kiss my skin in Hawaii. As for the northeastern states, maybe I'll visit you in late summer when you're done raining.

So, who wants to donate to my travel fund? Where do you want to visit?

Entrance to South Carolina. Isn't is so pretty? Best state line entrance I've ever seen. It's the same on the other side of I-95. Picket fence extends on both sides. So quaint and southern.

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Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Oh boy, i have many a states I still want to visit. For some reason I find a place I love ie: L.A., NYC and visit them over and over and over because I'm crazy about them. I need to broaden my horizons and hit a few states I've never been to. Here I come North Carolina!
-B Loaf