Friday, December 2, 2011

Family Pictures

Since we were all the family was together, we had to take some pictures.  My cousin Katie was so very kind and shot them for us.

This shot reminds me of Make Way for Ducklings.  Mrs. Mallard is instructing her little chicks.

The Johnsons.  Baby #5 is due January 6th.

Dax is killing me in this shot.  It looks like he just had a few in the local saloon.

The Phelps family.

The family.

Marci and Graham look ready to go.

Whatever my cousin Daniel was doing on the other side of the camera sure made the adults laugh.

Nelson: "If someone was grabbing my crotch, I'd feel that way, too."

It was so great having Kay, Daniel, Katie, and the two girls with us!

The Lindmans.

We survived family pictures, which is a very big feat.

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