Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas {Break}

Arizona never disappoints for the holidays.

Our landing into Sky Harbor was a little rough.  The pilot went down to land and then immediately jerked up because another plane was hanging out on the landing strip.  My stomach felt a little unsettled the rest of the day, but I'm grateful for an observant pilot.
 Christmas Eve: pizza, sugar cookies, Christmas carols, and Luke II {Its new name is The Nativity. I used to watch it every day as a little preschooler by choice.  My mom says it was like my morning devotional.  Now, it reminds me of my time spent in Jerusalem}.

We watched Jimmer's debut in the NBA.  When my mom saw him dribbling the ball, she said, "Oh, look at Jimmer with the ball telling everyone else what to do!!"  Our response, "Well, he is the point guard."

I finished piecing the top of my Christmas quilt.  Finally.  It only took a year to complete.  Now on to the quilter's house...
 Grant and Ava were cracking me up as they ate their lunch outside.  Cute and funny kids.

 Lunch at Costco.  My mother informed us that this is a new tradition: to meet my dad for lunch one day during any holiday break.

 We played games EVERY. NIGHT.  Rebekah found a new love with Tripoley {and poker}; her expression is ALL natural--no posing needed.  We won't tell her that nearest casino is only 25 minutes from our house.  
I think this is going to be my next quilt.
 Megs was nice to let me come over and see her niece and nephew {Savannah and Colston} visiting from Texas.  {They were all ready to hop into the hot tub.  Colston wouldn't stop asking if the water was warm enough yet.}  
My mom and Rebekah decided to whip up a Kate Middleton look-alike dress.  Think Project Runway.
 How did they do?
 A lot of naps were had over the break.  My dad always has the best bed head.
 We were always cooking/baking up something.
 This picture makes me laugh.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your Christmastime, too!!


Rachel said...

Okay, your quilt is AMAZING. One year is very impressive. It would take me 10 years to do that. Nice work!

mstoker said...

No talk of the "short bus" lights for the princess?

bunkbuddies said...

rach, you're too nice. hope you had a great christmas and birthday!

michael, the short bus pictures have been posted.