Friday, January 6, 2012

You were good to me, 2011

Honestly, where did 2011 go?

Top 5 moments from 2011 (places visited):

Denny & Nichole {Megan's brother-in-law and sister} hosted a fabulous party.

A New Year's Eve celebration wouldn't be complete without some fireworks and lanterns.
Michael came and partied with Megs and me for a bit.
 Denny asked if preschoolers made our lantern.
Who cares what it looks like?  It floated high into the starry sky.

Well, here's to 2012!!


danielle said...

ok, we need to talk.

cute pics!

bunkbuddies said...

yes. good thing you're coming over tonight so that i can hear about your break and everything.