Tuesday, May 29, 2012

3rd grade hall

We partied the last day of school!
 Can't you tell by their faces?  They're excited for 4th grade!
I really did have a very sweet and good class.  So cute and friendly!
 This little girl stole my heart.  I wanted to take her home every day.
{Please note that I am on my knees; she's Polly Pocket size.  Also note the bare and boxed classroom; I'm ready to move as soon as I get the call my new classroom is clean and empty.}
 So long, room 73!  You were good to me.
 My team.  {Me, Rachel, Danika, and Kalani}  I could not have been blessed with better people to work with.  Honestly,  Danika and Kalani are the best!!!
Canyon 3rd grade hall, you've been fun!

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Addie Joyce said...

seriously SB. THOSE SHOES. and of course we just had a little chat on coveting at church on Sunday...