Friday, June 1, 2012

summer came like sweet

To celebrate my first weekend of summer and the long Memorial Day weekend, the friends and I traveled down to St. George.  We had such a fun time!!!  14 people packed into a condo couldn't be a better time.

We love the logo identification game. 
 Some of our devoted hikers.
 Sunday afternoon visit to the Temple grounds.

 The roommates.

 We then ventured up to hike around "the crack".  Quick dust storm.
 Dusting off the gust.

 Tom and Megs are ready.

 Megs and I take the best pictures together.

 I love Magnum ice cream bars!


Brittney said...

Neon's so hot right now. Love your pink shirt. It glows in some of the pics. Also, I didn't realize that your title were words to a song (until I googled it to make sure you weren't just making up random phrases like that. I'm laughing out loud right now thinking about you doing that... making up random stuff).

Rebekah said...

Agreed with Brittney. Also, we love Magnum bars over here!! In Turkey, I'm pretty sure everyone got at least one daily. They even have a kind there that they don't have in Israel!

Rebekah said...

Also, I'm happy to see you got some new shorts instead of the tan ones Megs and Moss were making fun of you for that you threw away... Hahaha