Tuesday, July 17, 2012

july thus far

birthday celebrations for miss amanda.
 utah on fire.
 pre-4th of july party.  look who was there.  i love bachelorette.
 4th of july hike to stewart falls.

 stadium of fire with my favorite 2nd sisters.
beach boys.

6th grade classroom.  i have my work cut out for me.
 sunday tradition reinstated.
orem city softball champions. 
who would've thought?  we were 1-8 in the regular season.  we peaked at the right time.

 power outage for a night.
 spending time with my 3rd family.
summer's the best.


Rachel said...

I can't wait to see your cute, finished classroom!

Brittney said...

You and one-f-jef are matchy-matchy! Good thing the holiday helped with that one.

jenn + michael said...

Shut the front door!! You met Jef?! Unbelievable!

john and bre said...

so fun!!!