Thursday, December 18, 2008

Post-op check up

Today, I had my 1 week post-operation doctor appointment. Dr. Faux (pronounced "fox," awesome, I know) took off my old, bloody bandages. It was so neat to finally see my foot/toes. Hallelujah, the toes are still there! I also had some x-rays taken. They took out a piece of my bone and put in a screw to hold the bone together; you can see it in the x-rays. The human body continues to amaze me everyday. Learning and looking at the body has always been an interest of mine and even more since my surgery; my appreciation of it has increased. The body knows how to heal. For the first couple days, I could not put any weight on my foot without a zing of pain shooting through my leg. But now, I can stand and put my left foot down with about 5% of my weight on it. So awesome!

Chillin' in my hospital room (Do you see the hose hooked to my gown? It blew cold/hot air into my gown; that's why I'm all puffy.)

My lovely mother--I'm so grateful that my parents came up to assist me

I had to mark my foot and my doctor had to sign my foot so that they were working on the correct one

Pre-surgery--do you see the curve?

Post-surgery--do you see how it's straight? (I know the big toe is over a lot, that's because I have a toe spacer to wear there.)

Profile view of the screw

Right after the bandages came off--I quickly took this while Dr. Faux stepped out of the room to get some new bandages

Dear Abby pushing me in my wheelchair--such a sweetie


Jennifer said...

hahaha the end picture...thanks. also your foot is so cute because you have cute red toenails.

Katie said...

ouch!!! that is one pretty beat up foot! i wish i could have come with you to the appt. to see it in the flesh!

Megan & Matt said...

HA HA!!!!! SB I just love you. I'm glad to hear that you are doing well! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Grandma!!! :) hope your feeling better!

Brad said...

Love the post surgery photo, that is one for the grandkids.

emily said...

At least the doctors got to admire freshly painted red toes! You're to cute. plus... not many people can say they have a screw in their foot.