Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekly Washington Post (7/12)

This week was fantastic because Heather was still here, and then as soon as she left Katie and Jennifer came in. It was a blast having people around!! And, I know there are a lot of pictures used in this post, but I did the best I could just picking out a few of the 300+.

White House
Supreme Court
Library of Congress

Pick up these chicas at Reagan Airport.
First stop, Ray's Hell Burgers.
The Mall

Went to the Capitol for a tour with one of AZ's congressmen, but couldn't have one because there was a demonstration in the rotunda. Whatever that means.
Library of Congress

Cannon Building
A common stop: scrumptious restaurant.
-Ford's Theatre
-International Spy Museum (very cool and Disneyland-ish)
Worn out and disappointed that the National Gallery of Art was closed.
Portion control dinner.

Thompson's Boat and Bike rental
Rock Creek trail

She has mono. (Actually, we all walked that ridiculous hill.)
Somehow ended up at the National Cathedral.

-Embassy Row
-Phillips Collection Gallery
-Dupont Circle
-Georgetown University
Urban Outfitters always has the best hats.


Eastern Market
Botanic Gardens

She has mono.

Smithsonian Castle
-Holocaust Museum (AWESOME)
Best burgers in town.

We may or may not have finished everything.
Tired girls on the Metro leads to funny videos. (Takes too long to load the videos.)

-Church and special musical number
Gravelly Point

Thanks Heather, Jennifer, and Katie for a fun and exhausting week!! I still have a couple more weeks left if you want to come out...


Katie said...

so fun!!! And we had the best tour guide ever!!!

amazing how you are wearing two different outfits at the botanical gardens ;)

thanks for letting us come!
it was fun. you're fun!

Anonymous said...

wait a second...does jen have mono? jk :)