Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekly Washington Post (7/26)

This was my last week in Washington, DC. It's sad to think about all the fun things I've done and people I've met that I'm leaving. I'm really glad that I decided to come out here for the summer. I can hardly wait to incorporate this into my classroom and students' lives. I think my patriotism has increased even more. But, I'm also excited to go home to AZ for a couple weeks. From east to west, home is the best.

(last) Sunday
-DC Temple

-Capitol tour
-Library of Congress
-Said bye to the family
Model cannon soldier in the freeze of America's history in the Capitol's Rotunda.
We love Lincoln.
Go Brigham.
The Grand Canyon State!!
Mosaics by my Metro stop.

-I don't know. Daily life stuff.

-National Museum of American History
-Bureau of Engraving and Printing
-National Gallery of Art. There is a great collection of works by Monet and Degas.
-Washington Monument. Great views of the District!
Tired feet.
The National Mall. It's 1 mile to the Capitol and 1 mile to the Lincoln Memorial (on the other side). 2 miles total.

-Arlington Cemetery
--I had a sweet experience as I was walking from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to Robert E. Lee's home. I happened to notice a funeral going on in the cemetery, so I stopped and watched it for a few minutes. The Navy band played that one song (dah, dah, dah...., dah, dah, dah..., etc.) and "America the Beautiful" as 4 fighter jets flew overhead. I felt terrible for the family, but at the same time very grateful. I'm grateful for their family member who fought (and maybe even died in the line of duty) for our country. I then thought of what my mom said while she was out here last week, "America isn't perfect. But, our men have fought in and for more countries than any other." I felt honored that I was able to passively be apart of that soldier's life.
-Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Funeral procession
Can you find the 4 main landmarks of DC?
Donated chandelier from Austria. Stunning crystals.

-Lindsey came with me on my adventures!!
-Met Congressman Jeff Flake of Arizona's 6th district
-Got another tour of the Capitol
-Saw the House of Representatives vote on a bill. There was a lot of energy in the room when all 435 of them got there. It was neat to see how they vote. After the vote, they took a moment of silence for 2 soldiers who had just died in the line of duty. Very respectful.
-Baked & Wired in Georgetown: best cupcakes in DC!! I've tried 'em all. This wins!! Texas sheet cake was scrumptious. Yum...

-Eastern Market
-L'Enfant Plaza
-Ben's Chili Bowl: so good!! Heather and Daniel joined me. It was great closure to my DC experience. Bill Cosby and the Obama family eat for free.

Well, see ya in AZ!!


Rachel said...

I LOVE those pictures of the temple! I hope you had fun at Williamsburg and Monticello, your pictures are fab. Can't wait to see you back in Utah!

Anonymous said...

that looks like so much fun! you need to post your outfit pictures. they are so cute!