Monday, July 12, 2010


My mom and I are heading out to Chicago and Michigan to visit these guys...
I'm 99.9999% excited to see them! I mean look at those kids, could they be any cuter? I think not; well, hopefully, someday mine will be. The .0001% deficit is because I'm going to not see the next two episodes of this...
The Bachelorette is my guilty pleasure. There I admitted it. Now, don't judge. It's crunch time. Ali is meeting the families tonight and then maybe picking someone next week. Ahhh! Thank goodness for the internet. Maybe I'll be able to sneak an episode after everyone has gone to sleep.
"Don't make me fall for you." Cheesy, I know. I'd fall for Roberto and give him that same look. You're a smart one, Ali, to keep him around. She has kept my three favorite guys, so far. Boo to Frank! Yay to Chris L., Kirk, and Roberto!!!
Chris L.: sweet and sincere
Kirk: cute and cheerful
Roberto: sexy and suave
Anyway, don't text me, I'll text you after I watch it. (I know I'm a nerd for posting this.)


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Dude, I'm going to Chicago in 2 weeks! Holler Bachelorette

Jenna said...

The Bachelorette is totally a guilty pleasure of mine too! My husband absolutely hates it.

Ally Cat said...

This is why I like you.