Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cambridge, England

My cousin Jeffrey attends Cambridge University.  He had a month long Easter break and came to the States to go to some grad school interviews and to visit family.  Since he was in the States, my mom took my sisters and me (minus Rebekah and Jennie) to England to housesit his apartment for a week. ;)  We had such a good time!  My mom (and dad) are so nice!!!

I travel in style.  
(I took off my boots during the flights.)
 Being on an international flight reminded me of going to Jerusalem.  Good times on these flights across the Atlantic.
 We were supposed to get a Ford Focus, but the Hertz guy upgraded us to a Volvo SUV.  We didn't complain.

We toured and walked around Cambridge a couple of the days.  The University and city are so quaint and beautiful.
Neat flowers at Mary's College.
 King's College.
 The River Cam.
 Around the city of Cambridge.
 Steps taken to prep for a picture.
King's College.

 Corpus Christi College.

 "The Backs" of the colleges.
 I really did make a phone call.  Loved trying to locate our luggage.
 The Bridge of Sighs.
 St. John's College.
 The Mathematical Bridge.
 Trinity College.  (Sir Isaac Newton's alma mater.)

 Enjoying a punting ride on the River Cam.

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Looks incredible!