Sunday, April 22, 2012

London Town

We ventured into London a couple days.  Day 1 was very windy, chilly, and rainy.  Day 2 was sunny, lovely, and a perfect spring day.

Day 1
 Buckingham Palace.  Recognize this balcony?

 Westminster Abbey.

Do I look like Kate?  Nah...far from her beauty.

Big Ben and Parliament.  Did you know Big Ben is the name for the bell inside the tower?  Fun fact for the day.

 The Globe Theatre.
 London Bridge.
 Here it is...
 We saw a show one night.  I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!

Day 2
The Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.
 My mom is too funny.
 Kensington Palace.  I was a little too early to help William and Kate move in.
 You know how I feel about Harry Potter.  The closest I'll ever get to boarding the Hogwarts Express.

London is a very fun city!

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