Sunday, April 15, 2012

pre-spring break

We've had some beautiful days; therefore, the bikes were dusted off.

I wish I could take credit for this quilt.  A coworker made it for another teacher.  So cute.

General Conference was awesome.  I love the mobility the Swivel Suite offers.

Pedicures during Priesthood.

Sunday morning breakfast.

Scramble with Friends is a current obsession.  I'd love to play with you!

I totally stocked up on samples from the dermo.

Early April blizzard.  8 plus inches were dumped in a matter of a few hours.

My packed bag for England.


Brittney said...

Did you write this blog post with me in mind? :) Just curious. Confession: I totally blew up the picture with your suitcase to see what you packed. Do you ever do random things like that? Why am I asking you this... of course you do.

The Carlsens said...

Can't find u on scramble! I wanna play with you