Saturday, August 7, 2010


My mom has been asking me to go through a couple boxes that I have stored on the top shelf in the closet of my old bedroom. This afternoon I decided to take on the task, which turned out to be a very enjoyable one.
I laughed while reading all the different commitment cards I had signed and all the different lists I had written.
I cried while reading the sweet letters my parents had written to me for girls' camp.
I lost count of all the Young Women's handouts I had received and kept.
I read so many letters from family members, old friends, teachers, leaders, etc.
What do you do with all these old memories? Do you save them? Throw them away?
Well, there were a few gems that got scanned. I'll share a few...

My first Stake Dance Card. As you can tell, this baby got a lot of use.
My 8th grade ID. My gosh, I was young once.
I think I filled out one of these every year in YW. Still working on him and them. At least my penmanship has improved.
My friend posted these all around Highland High School. She and I had been friends since elementary school, so that explains the very "young" looking photos.
Received this about one month after the birthday flier. My first (and only--knock on wood) ticket.
Played this sport all four years of high school. We were pretty good. Go Lady Hawks! The article must have been written up before spell check was created because that's not how you spell badminton.
This must have been some YW spotlight thing. The "In 10 years..." sentence is the best. I have one of those items completed. It may take me another 10 to complete the second item.
Why did I say Utah was my favorite place? No offense Utah, but I had been to a lot of other places by that point in my life. Well, on the other hand, I guess it's good that I liked Utah because that's where I've been spending the last 7 years of my life.
Next time you are at your parents' house, go through a box. It will bring a lot of happiness into your day and life. (And your mother will be thrilled that some junk has been eliminated from her house.)


bre said...

i love this post! so happy! love the stake dance card. Love your new blog look

Addie Joyce said...

this is an awesome post! I too have been cleaning out long forgotten boxes & laughed & cried to myself for hours on end. Forgotten memories are so fun to remember!