Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick Trip

I seriously have the best dad. He helped my older sister, Heather, and me move our stuff (or junk as he refers to it).
The 3 of us drove up to Utah Tuesday. That night he helped Heather unload her items in Salt Lake; she moved from AZ and is starting a grad program at the U of U (she's a Cougar at heart). Then the following morning, he helped me transport my stuff to a new place in Provo.
Once he and I finished, we got on the road at drove back to AZ. We had to make a pit stop at our cabin, which added 3.5 hours to the already 10.5 hour drive. Since we were in the car for such a long time, I busted out my camera and took pictures of scenic Northern/Eastern Arizona.
I didn't think I had much junk, until I saw it all together. 2 of the boxes are empty, FYI.
Leaving Page, AZ. Lake Powell in the background.
Entering The Gap.
So, I've heard the I-80 in Wyoming is very, very boring. But, I think this is in the top 5 of most uninteresting highway stretches: I-40, Flagstaff, AZ to Albuquerque, NM.
Very smart placement of windmills. In the middle of nowhere where nothing can break the wind.
AZ-77. Heading to Snowflake, AZ.

Snowflake, AZ Temple.
I'm going to submit this to Arizona Highways magazine.
2 reasons why I like this shot. Can you guess them?


Brittney said...

1) the sunset

bunkbuddies said...

You're right on, except it's a waxing crescent. HAHAHA

Rebekah said...

Psh, Brittney, I even knew it was a waxing crescent. Obviously...

Brittney said...

Oh my gosh. How embarrassing. I even googled it to get it right.