Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm on a cart, Heyahh!

I've been meaning to post this BYU video for the last month. Sorry if it's old news to you. I thought BYU did a good job recreating the original. Favorite lines:
"8 out of 5 dentists recommend..."
"I'm on a cart, Heyahh!"




Carly said...

Haha...I love BYU's rendition! Quick question. Where did you get that pic of the Jerusalem Center? Did you take it or find it online or what? I'm finally starting to edit my journal with inserted pics and I don't have a good one of the Center itself! PS...I made my blog private, so my email address is if you want to send me your email address!

Brittney said...

I know, it's hilarious, huh? This was interesting to see too regarding that commercial: