Monday, June 29, 2009

Sad, Sad Souls

There were two instances at work that really tugged at my heart.

1. In the morning, an elderly lady came up to the service window. I asked her how I could help her. The lady opened up a retainer-type container, took out two small dentures, and put them on my desk. (I'm thinking, "Where are some disinfectant wipes?") She asked if her key could be taken out of the key locker on the weekends. I explained that the keys are always locked up, and the only way a person can take a key out is by using a password and a thumb print. So, her keys are very safe. She proceeded to tell me that while she was gone at church, someone came into to her apartment and threw away her teeth pieces. The woman believed that someone was one our maintenance workers. I told her that the guys would not touch her teeth and would leave them alone. She kept on repeating her request. I kept on trying to assure her (without laughing) that no one would throw her teeth away. After a few minutes of the conversation going no where, the lady left. The poor woman that she thinks the maintenance worker would deliberately throw away her dentures.

2. In the afternoon, another lady came up to the service window asking for the property manager. The resident was complaining to the manager that she wasn't going to have enough money to pay for July's rent because she quit her job. The manager told her that it takes 45 days for the zero income-zero rent request to go through. The tenant was irate and stomped off. The manager told me that the resident thought her rent was too high, so she quit her job so that it would be lower. And the lady is single and pregnant with her 4th child. Really?! What has our government come to? I'm all about helping deserving people. But, I don't like helping someone that is manipulating the system and treating children in an unfair manner. What a troubled lady.


Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

Send your first lady down to me and I can make her a nice new set of dentures with her name on them. We hope to see you again soon.

emily Stoddard said...

wha hahahahahaaha.... I'll clean her dentures for her ;)

Anonymous said...

hahahahahah... I love this! That is awesome sb!go ahead and let emily take care of her teeth.