Sunday, June 14, 2009

They were more than sisters. They were friends.

That was on the cover of a copy of Little Women. Two of my sisters, Heather and Rebekah, had birthdays this last week. There are a billion reasons of why I love them. I chose some pictures that explain why I consider them my sisters and friends. Also, let me quickly describe them. Beka is always ready for a model shot. Heather is not. (She likes flashing her 6-pack abs instead.) Beka loves singing and dancing on stage. Heather does not. Beka likes hugging and outwardly expressing her love. Heather does not. Heather has an amazing jumpshot. Beka does not. Heather can run a 1/2 marathon without breaking a sweat. Beka cannot. Heather can have a song memorized after listening to it once. Beka cannot. Much love!!

Heather's in the middle with the kids

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Catherine said...

Love the changes Sara Beth! And I love the tribute to your sisters all together. And while I'm at it, love your sister!!! Hope you two have fun when she's in dc.