Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekly Washington Post (6/7)

I really don't know how to write out how this week has been. Interesting? Growing? Exciting? Adventurous? Awesome? So, instead of expressing myself in words, I'll show some pictures.

Morning walks
-When it's not raining, I like to go on walks around the neighborhood. (If it's raining, I go to the gym in my complex--not very fun.)
-My new favorite pastime is to walk to Gravelly Point and watch the planes land and take-off.

Tuesday mid-morning
-I ventured out to where I thought my work office was via the Metro. Once I got to the building, the desk clerk told me the company had moved. (The company should really consider updating its website.) I called the company and found out where the office really was. The lady told me that I needed to bring my passport and SS card with me on Thursday. Whoops! Forgot those in Utah!
-I walked across the street to Dupont Circle and made many phones to friends in Utah to have someone mail those things out to me. Thanks Jennifer, Raymon, Caleb, Travis, and Colby!
-After I got my work stuff squared away, I decided to head down to the Mall and see some monuments. As I got on an escalator to exit the Metro, my shoe broke. And the funny thing is that I was moving over to let someone pass; that's the last time I'm ever polite. So, let's just say that I didn't walk too far down the Mall.

-I met two BYU friends for lunch in the District. Mark was passing through on his way to an internship in NYC. Ryan lives in DC. It was really fun catching up.

-I went to my correct work office. It is located in Alexandria. After filling out papers and finishing up things inside, I opened up my trusty DC guidebook and went on a walking tour of Old Town Alexandria. Very charming! I want to live in Alexandria. On my walk back to the Metro, it started to rain. Classic northern Virginia afternoon weather.

Tomb of the American Revolution's Unknown Soldier
Old Presbyterian Meeting House (1775)
-Memorial services for George Washington were held here
Captain's Row
-This block is paved with cobblestones and was once home to sea captains and shipbuilders
Athenaeum (1851)
-Greek Revival building and once the Bank of the Old Dominion
Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Shop (1792)
-Owner Edward Stabler worked to free enslaved African Americans
Ramsay House (1724)
-Oldest house in Alexandria and once was the home of the city founder William Ramsay
Market Square and City Hall
-Farmers have sold their produce here for over 250 years

-I saw this clever and funny movie. Highly recommend it.

-My roommates, Shannon and Kara, ran in the Susan G. Komen global race for the cure. I went to check everything out. 50,000+ people either ran or walked the route around the Mall. It's times like these when I really do believe that there are good people in the world that want to make a difference.

-I attended my ward for the first time. Oh man, even if I hated my ward (which I don't), I would make this drive every Sunday. The chapel is right off of the George Washington Parkway about 3 miles from Mt. Vernon. The GW Pkwy follows the Potomac River. It reminded me of the drive on Highway 96 to get to Nauvoo that goes along the Mississippi River. Absolutely beautiful!


emily Stoddard said...

So glad that you are having so much fun! We miss you!!!

Kristen said...

I'm glad that you're enjoying Virginia! I miss it. Have a great time!

Ally Cat said...

SB, I'm so happy you were able to go! I want to chat and hear about everything SOON!