Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekly Washington Post (6/21)

I didn't have any daytime excursions this week because I worked. Yay for being a capitalist; my dad has taught me well. (Happy Father's Day!) Work is very funny. I wish y'all could come with me for just an hour; you'd experience so much. A resident referred to me as a "light skin" in a kind manner; I am the only one in the office and probably in the whole complex. But anyway, I did have a good week. Books I read: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan and Speak.

-FHE was held at Bishop and Sister Wellington's home. Their son is serving in the Tempe, Arizona mission, which is my home mission. He was even in Gilbert for a transfer, so they wanted to hear all about the area and such. Wonderful couple!

-Lindsey and I had an adventurous evening. We got tickets to see a dance concert at Wolf Trap, which is the National Park for the Performing Arts in Virginia somewhere. Well, we left later than we anticipated. We rode the Metro for a few stops and then decided to get off because a lady told us that it was going to take another 45 minutes. The show was starting in 15 minutes. When we got off, we decided we should go down to institute. What we thought was the correct stop was not. I called the church (thank you, Google text!). The guy was not quite sure how to get to the church and said that it would probably be a 20 minute walk. Great, institute was over in 10 minutes. So, we hopped back on the Metro for home. At least we knew how to get there. The whole evening only cost a $1.35 Metro ride because we never actually left the stations. This evening was an example of what happens when two people are new to the area.

-So You Think You Can Dance. Enough said.

-I told a maintenance worker that I felt like a big chocolate bar. His response, "Well, here you go!" He's tall and black. We laughed. I'm a blonde.

-If Dave Heywood is reading this, he'll like what I did. I went to my RS glampout, glamorous campout. It truly was glamorous because I didn't even stay over and sleep in the tent; I went home to my bed. (Although, I really do like camping.) Surprisingly, it was really fun. It reminded me of my summers attending girls camp.

-There was a combined ward activity in the morning. My ward (Colonial 1st) and DC 2nd met on the Mall and played games. It was pouring rain. Some die hard people played ultimate frisbee. I wasn't in the mood to get all muddy. Maybe another morning.
-After chatting, a group walked over to Eastern Market. It's an eclectic and artsy area. Very pretty things and really good sorbet.

-I was read in as a new member of the ward in church. I got a calling. Guess what it is??
-I went to the Temple Visitor's Center for a "Why I Believe" fireside. Senator Orrin Hatch and his wife were the keynote speakers. Prior to them, two recent converts were asked to share why they believe. After their brief remarks, the mission president asked anyone who had joined the church within the last year and hadn't done so already to stand up and "(1) introduce yourself, (2) say when you were baptized and (3) which ward you attend." About 15 people stood. Besides the 3 things, they all shared their very sweet and sincere testimonies. They were all so grateful for Elders so-and-so and Sisters so-and-so. You could see the pleased expressions on the missionaries' faces; I can only imagine Heavenly Father's. One lady's words brought tears to my eyes. She and her 10 year old daughter were baptized last month. She said she knows this is the true church and gospel because others have noticed a change for the better in her disposition. She knows the changes have come because of the loves she feels and by reading the Book of Mormon. She knows her feelings and changes are genuine. Very sweet. That was my favorite part of the fireside. The Hatches did a nice job. You know he's a senator because he's long-winded! All in all, it was a nice evening. Plus, I got to see the gorgeous Temple again!

Anyway, it's back to the trenches tomorrow. Have a splendid week!


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that you are not going to want to come back to provo.

Whitney and Nathan Tanner said...

Sounds like things are going well over there! I'm so happy for you! And let me guess on the calling: Enrichment Committee? Have fun!

K-SUN said...

I loved the missionary firesides at the visitors center. This makes me miss DC so much!